Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Graze Subscription Review.

So, I have been subscribed to graze for about 3 months now and i really like it! I get one box a week and it comes every Monday which means i have one snack for each day that i have left at school that week! Each box is £3.89 (including delivery) it gets posted through your letterbox, so no need to make sure your at home to sign for it. There is a large selection of snacks which you randomly get sent. You can go through a large list and 'bin' things you don't like, and rate them depending on how often you would like to be sent them.

I really love the popcorn and the seeds which i was very happy about getting in this weeks box! There is such a variety of different snacks to choose from, savoury and sweet. Another great thing is that you can put it on hold if you go on holiday without having to cancel the whole subscription. It is also very easy to cancel if you don't enjoy it! 

You can check out graze at,
If you want to try a graze enter the code 'HM23KRRD' and receive your first graze box free! 


  1. Oh my, this sounds like such a fantastic idea/subscription box! (Mostly because, uhm, food...and healthy food, at that)

    It's a shame it's UK-based, and I live across the pond :(

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Yes, there is a great selection!
      Ahh no, hopefully they will bring it over the pond some day soon!