Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wishlist #1

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

1. I am absolutely in love with this bag, ever since i saw Lily Pebbles haul it. I love the style and the colour is incredible. If you had asked me a couple of years ago if i wanted a florescent yellow bag i would have most likely turned my nose up,
but lately anything bright/florescent I've been a little obsessed with. It's currently in the sale at Zara so next time i'm there i may have to purchase it.

2. I have been eyeing this estee lauder duo for a long time, the colours are just lovely! Watching Zoella's daily make-up routine made me what this even more.I have swatched it multiple times, and was so close to buying it last month only to find it was sold out in my local department store! Next time i see it's in stock i may snack it up as it's definitely a popular duo.

3. Statement Necklaces are probably my favourite trend at the moment, i just love how they can change an outfit. This one from Topshop is amazing, it looks a lot more expensive that it actually is, i have only seen this online so if i see it in store and it looks as good as it does online i might have to add it to my collection.

4. Ever since there was a sample of flower bomb in vouge last year i have been lusting over it, it is such a perfect sent. Like most perfumes it's rather pricey, so maybe this will be my 'duty free treat' this year...

5. Pretty much everyone and their mother talks about this, i am a big fan of bronzer and this is top of my 'bronzers to try list' yes i have one...9/10 of the reviews i have read on this have been very positive which just makes me want to try it more. Again maybe this will be another 'duty free treat'.

6. Anyone who knows me knows i love giraffes, my very first pandora charm was a giraffe one. I saw this skirt when i was shopping in London Oxford Street Topshop, and almost brought it only to find they didn't have my size, and i can't seem to find it in any stores near me! I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for it next time i go to london and if i can't find it i will have to order it. It would be so perfect for a holiday!

I hope you like this, i thought i might do a fortnightly or monthly wishlist as i do tend to lust after a lot of things! Let me know what you're lusting over this month in the comments!

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