Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bumble and bumble, Thickening Hairspray.

So this month i was extremely excited to find that in September's issue of Elle you were gifted a free sample of the Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray, which is something that i have been wanted to try for a while! The 50ml bottle is worth £7.50 and this issue of Elle was £4, so amazing value!

Bumble and bumble is a brand that i have tried samples of in the past and absolutely loved! It is quite pricy compared to my regular hair care choices, so i think it's great that they offer cheaper, smaller sizes. This is a hairspray that you spray in your hair when it's wet/damp (before you blow dry or let it dry naturally) and it claims to give you thicker volumized hair, which i completely agree with. I do have pretty thick curly hair however at the roots it does tend to get extremely flat from the curls weighing it down, and i have noticed a massive different from using this product. I can only imagine that it would work even better if you had thin hair. 

Although the price tag is higher than i would normally go for, i definitely think i will purchase the full size of this product when i finish this sample. The full size is £21.50, but as the spray is the same consistency as a water i can see it lasting some time!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this or any other bumble and bumble products!

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