Saturday, 22 June 2013

One Whole Year.

This was taken the day after we got them, 17th June 2012.

It's time for me to finally express my 'crazy cat lady' instincts on my was only a matter of time! I thought i would make this post as it was a year on the 16th June that we got two kittens called Nemo and Dory.
They were in fact already named however when me and my brother were younger we absolutely loved the film finding nemo so decided to keep the names (we also loved the irony of the fact Nemo and Dory are fish in the film).

In the picture above Nemo (the boy) is on the right and Dory (the girl) is on the left. They are two of the most friendly, trusting cats i have ever known. I described them as trusting as they seem to think they can trust anybody, the amount of times neighbors have come round saying 'Your cats shot in my house again when i opened the door' or when Tesco delivery  workers come to the door asking for us to get out cats out of the van is uncountable. There really is never a dull moment. They love to be cuddled, mischievous, playful and damn right cute.

At the end of April this year we can home from a lovely day at the seaside to find Nemo on the sofa in shock, with blood on him, it was one of the most heartbreaking things I've witnessed. We took him straight to the vets and he had to stay there for a couple of days and be operated on as he had broken his jaw by what we presume, being hit by a car. Nemo being the hyperactive food loving cat he is recovered well, by looking at him you wouldn't have guessed he had, had a broken jaw. Many checkups and vet bills later Nemo is fine now, and as crazy as ever, thank God.

It's crazy how attached you can become to a pet, you only realise it when something happens to them. Just over a year and a half ago we had a cat called Tigger (what a generic cat name i hear you say, i was 7 when we picked it) was hit by a car and unfortunately killed. It took a long time to get use to him not being around.

If your not a car lover/don't have a pet then this probably all sounds silly to you, if i didn't have them i would probably think that too.

Here are some more pictures of when they were kittens...

Beauty Spot, What?

Sister Brother Love.

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