Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Favourites 2013.

This is my first monthly favourites that i will be posting on my blog! I absolutely love reading/watching other peoples favourites on blogs and youtube. So here goes, my 'Favourites' for the month of May.


Shockwaves Curls & Waves Hair Mousse - I am definitely very particular about my hair mousse as i have thick, frizzy curly hair. I really love this mousse it hold my curls well in between washes and i like that you can add a lot of it to your hair yet it doesn't make itispy (my worse nightmare). So if you have thick curly/wavy hair i would definitely recommend giving this a try as it is very affordable.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Blush - I am a big fan of dry shampoo's, mainly because i love using them to add volume to my hair as, like i said, i have quite thick hair that tends to get weighed down by my curls. I don't like to wash my hair everyday so this is a very useful product if you want to make your second day hair look more like first day hair. 'Blush' has to be my favourite sent from the batiste range (and the packaging is the cutest too). This is again very affordable and can be purchased pretty much anywhere.
Tangle Teezer - This is probably my holy grail hair 'thing', i don't think i will ever be able to use a regular brush again. It's one of those 'it does exactly what it says on the tin' products. My hair dresser recommended me getting one of these as my hair gets extremely tangly from the curls. It makes brushing my hair so easy! If you have thick, tangly hair then this is what you need, i picked mine up from amazon as i found they were a lot cheaper.

Clinique Long Lasting Lipstick in 'Rose Shimmer' - My Lovely Friend brought me this for my birthday this month and i absolutely love it! I've never tried any of the clinique lipsticks before but i will in the future as this formula is lovely, (as is the packaging). The colour is a Pink/Purple which a blue toned shimmer running through it (which is always nice as it makes your teeth look whiter). It has good lasting power isn't at all drying on the lips.
Bourjois Blush in 'Rose D'or 34' - I brought this blusher around this time last year and forgot about it, however i have been absolutely loving it this month! A lot of people aren't massive fans of these blushers as they aren't massively pigmented, but that is what i like about it! You can get a really natural 'flushed' look with it or you can build it up. It has a lovely peach shimmer running through it which gives a nice sheen to your cheek, so no need for a highlighter!

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails - As i paint my nails often they do get very weak so i decided to give my poor nails a break and use this strengthener. It is brilliant, i used 2 coats of this and left it on for two weeks and i noticed a massive difference, my nails grew quickly without splitting or breaking (which is very unusual for me). I have been using it as a base coat (mainly because i haven't had a chance to buy a new one) and it seems to be doing a pretty good job! I brought mine a Tesco, but i'm pretty sure you will be able to find it at Boots.
Maybelline Polka Dot in 'Rain Forest Canopy' - I have don't a blog post on this already so i won't ramble on, you can see it here.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck - One of my all time favourite scents, it's perfect for spring/summer as it's a very sweet/fresh sent. 'Celebrity Purfumes' are normally a bit naff, but Taylors is just wonderful, and the packaging is amazing.

Gold and Pink Spiked Necklace -  I brought this a couple of months ago from Republic, which (apparently) has recently shut down! It was by the brand 'Miso' so you may still be able to find it! I love statement necklaces as they can really make a simple outfit exciting.
Pink Pave Bracelet -  This was another one of my birthday presents and it's just beautiful and a lovely piece to brighten up an outfit! There are many different brands that do these style of bracelet now, and some very affordable.

Lewis Watson - I have been a massive fan of Lewis for over a year now, he is a singer songwriter who started out on youtube and now has three EP's on itunes and another coming next month. The first time i saw him live was in March and he was amazing! I also went to see him in London on the 28th and again, he was amazing. If you haven't heard of him you should definitely check him out as he has a brilliant voice and is such a nice guy.

This is an extremely long post, well done if you've got this far! If you have any favourites this month let me know bellow in the comments, i would love to find some new things to try out for the month of June! Thank you for reading, Abi x

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