Thursday, 18 July 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo, On and On Bronze

FINALLY I've got my hands on one of these Color Tattoos. Whenever i've gone to buy one they have never had this colour in stock, and when they have it had been opened! This was the one color that i knew i wanted to try out first as i love bronze eye shadows!

The shade is lovely, and can be sheared out to be subtle or built up to a bold pigmented colour. Cream/Gel shadows like this are just perfect for the summer as the stay on all day and don't crease! They work great on there own or as a base to other eyeshadows, i have tried both and found it worked brilliantly either way!

They are amazingly affordable at £4.99, and they will last forever! They have a good range of colours from a bright turquoise to a neutral gold. I would definitely recommend these as you can use them in so many ways, they would look really good as a liner as well, i've tried it on my bottom lash line to make the look a bit more smokey which looked really good!
On and On Bronze.

Thanks for reading!

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