Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wishlist #2

1. Rose Gold Open Heart Ring, Brandy Melvile
2. Vintage Style Flat Link Chain, ASOS
3. Purple Bullet Stone, Brandy Melvile
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Pink Leather Strap Watch, ASOS
5. Double Colour Drop Earrings, ASOS
6. Gem Stone Bracelet, ASOS

This is my current 'Accessorize' wishlist/items that i really like.

1. Simple rings are so in fashion right now and i absolutely love this rose gold one from Brandy Melvile. After finding out that they know have a Brandy Melvile in london i have been browsing their site picking out items that i would love to buy when i finally get a chance to go to the store (hopefully i will next month, as i'm going to be in London for a week to do a course!).

2. I love Statement jewelry (which i believe i also said in my first wishlist) I love this flat link chain as it doesn't look quite as bulky as the regular gold chains. Gold/Rose Gold Jewelry is my absolute favourite to wear all year round!

3. Again another item from Brandy Melvile, i really like the bohemian style of this necklace! I have loved gemstones ever since i was younger and the colour of this one is amazing, i can picture this pared with a simple summer dress and sandals!

4. I have been lusting over this Watch for such a long time, i just can't bring myself to spend £180 on it. I love the contrast between the Gold and bright pink, and the 'Skeleton' part is just amazing, maybe one day i'll treat myself...

5.  I love the colours pink and yellow together for the summer and i really like how simple these earrings are. They would look great if you wore a high bun/ponytail and they are definitely on trend this season with the pastel colours.

6. Finally the gemstone bracelet, i absolutely love this as it's very 1920's which is very in at the moment thanks to 'The Great Gatsby' (which so happens to be one of my all time favourite books, the film is great too!). I just love the way this looks, it look a lot more expensive that it actually is and would be a great way to make a simple outfit more exciting!

I hope you like this, let me know what's on your accessorize wishlist this week!

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