Sunday, 8 September 2013

Isla Canela, Spain.

Although i was very busy in August i did take many pictures (another blog post coming soon, on something that quite frankly i'm terrified to post). I went on a two week holiday to Costa De La Luz, Spain with my brother, parents and granny (grandmother). It was so amazing to relax and not have to worry about anything. 

The resort was lovely, it was pretty quiet which i liked a lot as we normally go to the more busy/popular parts of spain. It was very Spanish, loads of amazing Tapas Restaurants, which me and my dad adored.

So i thought i would share some of my 'holiday snaps'...

Right side view off our balcony in the daytime, you can see the marina in the background, which is where all of the Tapas restaurants and small shops were.
Left side of our balcony, just as the sun is setting.
My brother enjoyed playing with the Seafood...
Jeep trip up the Algarve.
Amazing Reservoir in the Algarve. 
Hibiscus flower, so pretty.
We stopped at a couple really quaint farms, they were so small and sold really nice home made goods.
A Little Village in the mountains.
We stopped at this really amazing restaurant in the mountains, were we ate an incredible Portuguese meal, Peri Peri Sauce was insane.
Cutest Crockery ever. 
Just a two minute ride to spain, this was taken whilst on a boat ride along the river that divides spain and portugal. It was pretty mind blowing, that one side of you was spain (which is one hour ahead) and the other was Portugal.
Amazing sunset from our balcony, I love the reflection across the lakes in the marshland.
Helados mmmmm.
The Marina.

Gecko's love light.

I hope you liked this post, something a bit different but i really enjoyed writing it so i think i'll try and do more 'lifestyle' posts in the future. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Your 2 week holiday to Spain looks like it was amazing! Loved your pictures especially that last one!