Sunday, 26 May 2013

Top Five Spring Nail Polishes

So as my first post i figured it would be good to do something i'm very much 'obsessed' with, Nail Varnish. Ever since i was younger i always loved to sit and do my nails, however going to a secondary school that didn't allow this 'distracting' piece of existence i had to stick to boring old clear. Since summer of 2012 my collection has grown rather a lot, being a 'mature' sixth former now, we are allowed to wear the wonderful thing.
Although i love my dark reds and purples for Autumn, i really do love Spring colours. Spring is my favourite time of the year (mainly because it's when my birthday is), and i love to experiment with my nail colour, so here are some of my favourites as of the moment.

Blueberry               Lychee

Barry M Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint - I'm am a big fan of the Gelly collection, the formula is truly brilliant, one coat and they are opaque (however i do like to do two coats, as always). Blueberry is the perfect creamy blue colour, i would have to say this is one of my favourite colour from the collection. Lychee is a great nude, i do love my colours but sometimes a Nude is just want you need. It's a beige nude which you don't many of in the drug store, i love to pare this with a more vibrant accent whether that's and accent finger or my favourite of the moment whcih is an accent dot in the middle above the cuticle. 

They are so affordable at only £3.99! And can be found at Boots and Superdrug.

Purple Gem

Maybelline New York Color Show - I've recently tried out this collection as i was gifted a couple of them for my birthday, and i was most definitely impressed. The formula is lovely, two coats and you're good to go, what i really love the Color Show collection is the brush, it is the perfect size and thickness and makes it very easy and quick to apply. Purple Gem is a gorgeous shimmery purpley pink (what a great description Abi) and looks amazing on the nails. 

These are £2.99! And again can be found at Boots and Superdrug.

  Lush Lilac              Strawberry Crush

MUA Nail Polish - I know what you're thinking, "THEY'RE COPYING ESSIE PACKAGING". The new packaging is definitely very similar however about half the size. The old MUA nail varnishes were not that great, the brush was awful and the packaging look very cheap. I haven't had a full look at the collection as mose of the colours were sold out in my local Superdrug, however i have heard there is a very good dupe for Mint Candy Apple by Essie which i believe is called Pistachio. The brush on these new MUA polishes is much better (still not amazing but better), i really love the colours of these too. I would say that Strawberry Crush is my favourite, in the bottle it looks more of a muted bright pink, however on the nails it dries more bright which i love. It makes you look tanned as well which is definitely a bonus. Lush Lilac is a very pale lilac which i would describe as an 'off white lilac', i have worn this a few times and again it makes you look very tanned. I would say you need about three coats of brush to achieve a fully opaque effect.

These are £1!! Although the quality isn't AS amazing as the more expensive brands it is very good for the price you pay, they have quite a good range of colours and there are several dupes for some of the more expensive brands. You can pick these up and Superdrug.

So these are my favouite spring nail colours as of today! I'm an absolute nail varnish junkie so if you have any recommendations i would love to know so i can check them out! 

Thank you for reading, Abi x


  1. I love your blog!! Your photos are really good and I love that you do little reviews. I have followed your blog because I would love to see more posts from you!
    Louise XX

    1. Ahh Thank you so much! I will definitely be posting more, i'm really enjoying it so far! Your blog is great too!
      Abi xx